Removing Decorative Hardware

Have you ever wished you hadn’t put that carriage hardware on your garage door? Maybe you think your door would look better without it or maybe you just want a new look for your garage door.
Faux Wood Decorative Hardware

We ran into a situation with one of our customers. They ordered a beautiful, C.H.I., dark oak, faux wood, accent door. We accidently installed the decorative hardware, 2 handles and 4 strap hinges. They didn’t want the hardware on their door.

Rather than replace the sections, we decided to cover up the holes instead. Our customers were open to see what we could do. If they did not approve, we would have ordered replacement sections.

Here are our steps to removing decorative hardware.

  1. Wander around Home Depot to find a product to cover the hole. We found Everbilt Screw Covers. They come in white, black and almond.
  2. Purchase a paint to match. This particular color is a little more difficult to match. If the door is white, almond, sandstone or brown, it is easier to match. If you have painted the door to match the house trim, that would be even better. Even though this color is more difficult, it isn’t impossible. We found Rustoleum Gloss Leather Brown that worked out perfectly.
    Faux Wood Leather Brown CHI Accent Faux Wood Dark Oak
  3. Paint each of the screw covers with a small paintbrush. We gave them a wood grain texture by leaving some of the black visible.
  4. Remove the existing hardware from the door.
  5. Trim the holes down a bit with the tip of a drill. We did this so the screw head covers would lay flush with the face of the door.
  6. Apply some 2 part apoxy to the back to make sure they won’t come out. Then shove them in the holes.
  7. Admire your garage door.
    Before After Decorative Hardware

Long panel steel doors for a different look.

If you are on a budget and a cedar garage door isn’t an option, at this point you may consider a long panel door.  You can be unique on your street and have a more elegant door than anyone else without breaking the bank

The long panel door is usually the same price as a standard residential garage door.   It comes in all the standard colors and insulation packages.  You don’t see a lot of them because they are usually a special order.  It is usually ready to install in about 2 weeks.

The door pictured is a white, long panel, 17×7 with four long windows.  The long windows give you a better view than short windows.  The windows can come without inserts as this customer has or with your choice of decorative inserts.  You can also mix and match long/ short panels and windows.   If you’re in Fort Worth give us a call or shoot us an email. We will be happy to help you customize a new look for your home.

Long Panel 16x7 with windows

Have Headroom?

Headroom is the amount of room from the top of the garage door opening to the ceiling.

A standard lift garage door requires ten to twelve inches of headroom for installation. Some garages have more headroom than that and you can utilize that space by installing a high lift track system.

The customer here needed the headroom for his automotive lift.

High Lift Double DoorThe doors pictured are Windsor Model 790 18×8 and a 8×8 double steel insulated.

These doors travel up the wall four extra feet before turning back at the ceiling. He can lift a car all the way up with the garage door opened.

High Lift Double Closed

This looks much cleaner and less cluttered than a standard lift door with the long hangers coming down for the tracks.

However, this does create a problem with the garage door opener installation. A normal garage door opener won’t work because of the vertical travel of the garage door.

A jackshaft opener like the LiftMaster Model 8500 is perfect for this application. It will work great on high lift doors or full vertical lift doors.

None of this is standard so you can expect the to pay more than standard prices.

Insulation Does Make a Difference

Most new homes today come with your typical builder’s grade garage door. Builders usually are not going to spend the extra money to give you a better product. It’s about the bottom line.

An easy way to improve your garage door is to insulate it. It is a simple process that will improve the look and climate in your garage. Polystyrene insulation will make the garage door more quiet as well.

There are two options when you make the decision to insulate your door. You can get an insulation kit from Home Depot, or you can call a garage door service company. The kits from Home Depot usually run around $90 for a single car garage (8’X7′). If you have a two car garage door you would need two kits.

A garage door service company will probably be around $300 for a two car garage door but will leave it looking much nicer and more professional than a store bought kit.

The process is fairly simple. The required tools are a square, razor knife, tape measure, and a pair of snips.

Insulation cut down

Our insulation kits come in sheets of 8’x21″x2″. We measure all of the voids to be filled in the door. We then cut the insulation and pop it in the door.

Insulation cutting to fit door


Then pieces are cut a little larger so they are very tight in the door. We then have some trim pieces to cover up the cut edges of the insulation.

Voilà one insulated garage door.

Insulation finished

The process usually takes about an hour. It is a definite improvement to your garage door. It looks better on the inside of your and will keep the heat and cold out making your garage a more pleasant environment all around.

10 Years in Business

On October 3, 2003, Cowtown Door Company was born. I, Mike Idell, started Cowtown after working for another garage door company for a short period of time. I knew that I could give customers the kind of customer service that I never got anymore. Customer service has gone down the tubes along with politeness and courtesy.  Our main concern is that you are happy with our service and you are left feeling that you got a good price on that service or product.

This month marks 10 years in business. Not much has changed in 10 years. I still do all the work and we still have one service truck. My wife Kim answers the phone and keeps the books. My sixteen year old son works with me sometimes as well.  We are and probably always will be a family operated business.

Customer service is the key to us making it to the ten year mark. More than half of our business is repeat and referred customers. We strive to keep you happy and calling us back out. Thanks to all of our customers for telling your friends and calling us back!  We appreciate you all and thank you for your referrals, repeat business and for taking the time to write online reviews.  We appreciate the trust you put in Cowtown Doors!Cowtown Sign

Got Grease?

It is always a good idea to keep your garage door and opener lubricated. However, the Genie garage door opener carriage in the picture shows what happens when you apply too much grease.

Opener Grease.jpg

You should use a light spray lube on the hinges and rollers of your door. Your local hardware store will have a spray formulated for garage doors. While you are in the lubricant department at the hardware store grab some low temperature grease for your opener rail.

You should lube your garage door rollers, springs, hinges, and tracks about three or four times a year with spray lubricant. The rail on the opener should only be lubed once a year with the low temperature grease.  Over application is messy and the stuff stains whatever it comes into contact with.

That should keep your door running quiet. If you find your door needs a lot of lubricating throughout the year you may need to have it tuned up. If you are in the Fort Worth area give us a call for a free estimate.

Yes, we do replace panels.

Panels on metal garage doors sometimes get bent. It is usually the top or the bottom panel that gets bent.

We can replace bent sections most of the time. There are some manufacturers of doors that you can’t get any more and will not match the rest of the door.

Depending on the manufacturer, the sections will come in three colors almond, sandstone, and brown. The replacement sections soemtimes only come in white.  The door pictured was one of the ones that was only available in white. The homeowner was able to paint it with some paint left over from last time. Voilà.

Usually when you call a company to get a panel replaced the company will need to know the manufacturer of the door and the size. If you can’t find it on the door anywhere then you might take a picture or two of the door and email it to the prospective company. Otherwise it will probably take two trips to complete the job.

In some rare cases when we can’t match up the rest of the door we can just replace all of the panels. In any case we can help.

8x7 panel.jpeg

Images for Garage Doors

C.H.I. has recently introduced Accent Images for select C.H.I. garage door models.  Accent Images are scenes of nature, sports, patterns and patriotic images.  They are made to completely cover either the inside or outside garage door panels.

You can find more information on their website at

Would you like a unique image for your garage door?

Lock + Garage Door Opener = Trouble

We got an email from a potential customer this morning for a service call. He said that his son had accidentally locked the garage door from the outside and then went inside and tried to open the door by using the garage door opener. This is a very common mistake.

Most garage doors have some type of locking device. These are installed to secure the garage door if there isn’t a garage door opener. When and if you install a garage door opener on your door you should disable the locking mechanism.

All garage door openers will keep the door locked and secure when it is in the closed position. Any time we install a garage door opener we disable the lock to prevent this from happening.  We disable the lock by screwing the lock rod to the door so it can’t be used unless you take the screw out. Hopefully your opener will always work and you won’t have to use the lock.

It is especially important to disable a lock that is accessible from the outside because it can be locked from the outside without a key. It is usually kids playing outside and messing around with the garage door handle and unknowingly locking the door. Then you come home and hit the button to enter the garage and this happens.

Garage Door Cable Off


We ended up going out to the customer’s house and repairing his garage door.  It was an easy fix, but something that could have been avoided.  Do you have a lock on your door with a garage door opener?  Take a look at your garage door today.

When to Replace a Garage Door

This garage door was installed in 1986. It still operates manually. An opener was never installed. All four windows were broken out and replaced with a plywood insert.  The bottom section was broken apart and mended with a piece of sheetrock.

This door is in really sad shape. It just needs to be replaced. It’s unsafe and not secure as well.  A new garage door would do wonders for the appearance of this house.

We are here giving a quote today and will probably install a new door in the near future.  You can usually get an 8’x7′ metal basic garage door for $400 – $600 installed.  This house was purchased by an investor and the rest of the house is in the same condition as the garage door. They have a lot of work in their future.  A new garage door is a good start.

8x7 wood