Removing Decorative Hardware

Have you ever wished you hadn’t put that carriage hardware on your garage door? Maybe you think your door would look better without it or maybe you just want a new look for your garage door.
Faux Wood Decorative Hardware

We ran into a situation with one of our customers. They ordered a beautiful, C.H.I., dark oak, faux wood, accent door. We accidently installed the decorative hardware, 2 handles and 4 strap hinges. They didn’t want the hardware on their door.

Rather than replace the sections, we decided to cover up the holes instead. Our customers were open to see what we could do. If they did not approve, we would have ordered replacement sections.

Here are our steps to removing decorative hardware.

  1. Wander around Home Depot to find a product to cover the hole. We found Everbilt Screw Covers. They come in white, black and almond.
  2. Purchase a paint to match. This particular color is a little more difficult to match. If the door is white, almond, sandstone or brown, it is easier to match. If you have painted the door to match the house trim, that would be even better. Even though this color is more difficult, it isn’t impossible. We found Rustoleum Gloss Leather Brown that worked out perfectly.
    Faux Wood Leather Brown CHI Accent Faux Wood Dark Oak
  3. Paint each of the screw covers with a small paintbrush. We gave them a wood grain texture by leaving some of the black visible.
  4. Remove the existing hardware from the door.
  5. Trim the holes down a bit with the tip of a drill. We did this so the screw head covers would lay flush with the face of the door.
  6. Apply some 2 part apoxy to the back to make sure they won’t come out. Then shove them in the holes.
  7. Admire your garage door.
    Before After Decorative Hardware

Cedar Garage Doors

9x7s Cedar Garage Doors
We installed  these beautiful cedar wood garage doors recently. These garage doors are 9×7’s. In the picture, the cedar overlay garage doors are unstained. There are hundreds of different shades of stains to fit your needs.
All wood garage doors need to be treated in some way. You can treat them with a clear coat type protectant, stain it, or paint it. You should re treat wood doors as often or more often than you paint the exterior of your house.  Wood doors will last and look great for many years if cared for properly.
Before and After Cedar 9x7sThis customer replaced their old style wood doors with these cedar carriage garage doors. The difference is amazing.  We were also able to use their existing garage door openers to save some cash. Looks really nice. 


Custom Cedar Garage Doors

Cedar Carriage Garage Doors

There are many different manufacturers and ways to manufacture cedar garage doors.  Some companies build all wood cedar garage doors, while others build cedar overlay doors.

The most common cedar garage door is a wood overlay door.  An overlay door is a metal garage door with cedar attached to the face of it.  The wood is attached with fasteners from the inside.  The door is usually insulated to hide the fasteners.  These doors are very heavy.  Due to the extra weight, heavier hardware and springs are required.  When these doors are built and installed correctly, they are sturdier and more durable than just a metal garage door.

Cedar garage doors are definitely more expensive.  There is a lot of material and labor that goes into the making of them  Also, most cedar door come unstained.  It is necessary to stain them or clear coat them immediately upon installation.  They usually need to be redone every 2 to 5 years.

As expensive as they are, the garage door is usually a big portion of the front of the home. It is a great way to give your house a face lift.  It will totally change the way your house looks.

The three doors pictured are 9x7s that we installed and stained.  The difference between the old metal doors and new cedar doors is amazing.  What do you think?