Long panel steel doors for a different look.

If you are on a budget and a cedar garage door isn’t an option, at this point you may consider a long panel door.  You can be unique on your street and have a more elegant door than anyone else without breaking the bank

The long panel door is usually the same price as a standard residential garage door.   It comes in all the standard colors and insulation packages.  You don’t see a lot of them because they are usually a special order.  It is usually ready to install in about 2 weeks.

The door pictured is a white, long panel, 17×7 with four long windows.  The long windows give you a better view than short windows.  The windows can come without inserts as this customer has or with your choice of decorative inserts.  You can also mix and match long/ short panels and windows.   If you’re in Fort Worth give us a call or shoot us an email. We will be happy to help you customize a new look for your home.

Long Panel 16x7 with windows

Yes, we do replace panels.

Panels on metal garage doors sometimes get bent. It is usually the top or the bottom panel that gets bent.

We can replace bent sections most of the time. There are some manufacturers of doors that you can’t get any more and will not match the rest of the door.

Depending on the manufacturer, the sections will come in three colors almond, sandstone, and brown. The replacement sections soemtimes only come in white.  The door pictured was one of the ones that was only available in white. The homeowner was able to paint it with some paint left over from last time. Voilà.

Usually when you call a company to get a panel replaced the company will need to know the manufacturer of the door and the size. If you can’t find it on the door anywhere then you might take a picture or two of the door and email it to the prospective company. Otherwise it will probably take two trips to complete the job.

In some rare cases when we can’t match up the rest of the door we can just replace all of the panels. In any case we can help.

8x7 panel.jpeg

When to Replace a Garage Door

This garage door was installed in 1986. It still operates manually. An opener was never installed. All four windows were broken out and replaced with a plywood insert.  The bottom section was broken apart and mended with a piece of sheetrock.

This door is in really sad shape. It just needs to be replaced. It’s unsafe and not secure as well.  A new garage door would do wonders for the appearance of this house.

We are here giving a quote today and will probably install a new door in the near future.  You can usually get an 8’x7′ metal basic garage door for $400 – $600 installed.  This house was purchased by an investor and the rest of the house is in the same condition as the garage door. They have a lot of work in their future.  A new garage door is a good start.

8x7 wood

To Replace or Not to Replace?

That is the question.

We had a customer that called us to replace his garage door and opener. I went out to give him an estimate. I noticed that his 50 plus year old one piece door and Montgomery Ward screw drive opener still operated smoothly and flawlessly. He told me although it worked, the one piece door wouldn’t go up high enough for him to pull his suburban in.

We installed a new garage door and opener so he could pull his car in. There was a better reason to replace the door and opener though. The old door and opener had none of the current safety mechanisms that are required by federal law. The old remotes were the size of a shoe box so that was nice to get some modern and safe equipment.

Sometimes operational equipment needs to be replaced for safety reasons. What is the oldest door or opener you have come across?

Curb Appeal

These before and after pictures show how a new garage door can change your home’s appearance.  It can add a lot to your curb appeal.

Before Carriage Long PanelAfter Carriage Long Panel

This customer ordered their door from the Amarr Oak Summit Collection.  This door is unique because the customer chose a long panel carriage design.  They went with one set of decorative hardware, which is 2 handles and 4 strap hinges.  The windows are long panel with Stockton inserts.  The combination makes the perfect door for their home.Sandstone Carriage Long Panel

A new garage door definitely makes a huge difference. What does your door do for your curb appeal?  It may be time to design the perfect door for your home.

Double Steel Insulated Garage Door

We have sold quite a few double steel insulated garage doors lately.  The term double steel refers to the layer of steel that covers the insulation on the inside of the door. It is also referred to as a sandwich door.  Essentially the insulation is sandwiched between the two layers of steel. This forms a very sturdy door. The insulation serves its purpose against noise and weather.Inside sandwich door

The door installs just like any other garage door. The inside of the door is a nice white textured steel. Although these doors are substantially heavier than the non insulated doors the weight is compensated for by heavier springs.  The r value is usually somewhere between 10 & 20 depending on the manufacturer.  We install Windsor Model 790, which is a really nice insulated door.

As far as operators, a regular garage door opener is fine for the operation of this door. The operation of the double steel door is quieter. They don’t echo and rattle when going up and down due to their weight.

If you plan on changing out your garage door in the future you should consider replacing it with a double steel garage door.  They usually don’t cost much more than the standard doors.16x7 double steel

Replacing Glass in Garage Door Window

There are two different types of window frames for garage door windows. One type is a screw together design and the other is a snap together design.

The screw together windows are usually easy to deal with when replacing broken glass. Simply remove the screws from the inside of the frame and the inside portion of the frame comes off and the glass sandwiched between it and the front portion. You will need someone to hold the outside portion of the frame from falling out when you’re working on the inside. Just pop in a new piece of glass and you are done.

The other type is a snap together design. It’s pretty obvious because there aren’t any screws on the inside of the frame. This is a little more difficult for glass repairs.

You will need to take the window section off of the door and lay it flat on the garage floor or any other perfectly flat surface. You need to lay some cardboard flat on the floor to cushion from the concrete.

replace garage door glass

Take a razor knife and cut the back portion of the frame off. Each side of the square piece is separate so you will have to cut off all four sides.Cut window frame
After you get those off and take the broken glass out you should probably replace the front portion of the frame. The back portion will need to be replaced because it was cut.
Install a new piece of glass while the section is still on the floor. The new frame will snap together. This is pretty tricky because you have to use a hammer to snap the four pieces onto the back to lock them and the glass in place.Tap frame in
It’s hard not to hit and crack the new glass. Get a couple extra pieces of glass just in case.  After you get them installed you can put the section back on the door. Done deal.


New Construction

New Construction Garage Door

New construction installation jobs are the best. We really like to install these jobs. There is not any existing equipment to take down.  It’s a clean slate.

Usually a garage door install requires the installer to take down and uninstall all the old garage door equipment. Most of our jobs at Cowtown Doors fall in this category of replacements on existing homes.

We really don’t do a lot of new construction jobs. There are companies that specialise in new construction only. There are a number of reasons why we don’t, but the main reason is we are C.O.D. only. Builders and general contractors usually don’t pay on the job site.

Our new construction jobs are done for do it yourselfers and some custom home builders. The garage in the picture is a back yard work room. The garage door is a 10×8 with three windows in the third section. The homeowner contracted everything out himself and ended up with a really nice shop.

Residential Garage Doors on a Metal Building

Complete 10x8 metal building

You can install commercial or residential garage doors on a metal building. The residential doors are a little cheaper if you are on a budget.

The owner of the building that is pictured went with two 10×8 residential white Windsor model 730 doors. We installed the jamb seal (trim) like normal but used screws instead of nails to attach it to the building. You can see in the picture that it does a good job of sealing up the edges effectively keeping wind and rain out.Jamb seal

The rest of the installation is pretty normal. Self tapping metal screws are used to attach the tracks and back hangers. We prefer this method over welding because you can remove the screws easily to make adjustments later.

Commercial garage doors are a heavier gauge steel and are therfore more durable. I recommend commercial doors for any commercial application over residential garage doors. However, this building pictured is a back yard shop and residential doors are perfect for this situation.

For garage door openers, you can install a regular garage door openers on a building like this. The LiftMaster model 3800 jackshaft opener is really nice on these buildings because you keep the open headroom above the door.  That allows for more storage space which is always a good thing.
Inside metal building 10x8

Lots of Windows

A customer wanted a unique look for his backyard shop.  He chose to have three rows of glass installed in his garage door.  It is a 10×8 steel, sectional door with 15 windows.  It gives him lots of light and an eye catching door.  3 Rows of Windows

Another customer is a talented glass artist who needed her garage to allow more natural light in.  We showed her the picture of the 10×8 shop.  She decided to have two rows of glass installed in her garage door.  She has a 10×7, so there are 4 sections, instead of 5.
Both customers have unique garage doors to fit their needs.  

There are many ways to customize garage doors.  Would either door fit your needs?