Removing Decorative Hardware

Have you ever wished you hadn’t put that carriage hardware on your garage door? Maybe you think your door would look better without it or maybe you just want a new look for your garage door.
Faux Wood Decorative Hardware

We ran into a situation with one of our customers. They ordered a beautiful, C.H.I., dark oak, faux wood, accent door. We accidently installed the decorative hardware, 2 handles and 4 strap hinges. They didn’t want the hardware on their door.

Rather than replace the sections, we decided to cover up the holes instead. Our customers were open to see what we could do. If they did not approve, we would have ordered replacement sections.

Here are our steps to removing decorative hardware.

  1. Wander around Home Depot to find a product to cover the hole. We found Everbilt Screw Covers. They come in white, black and almond.
  2. Purchase a paint to match. This particular color is a little more difficult to match. If the door is white, almond, sandstone or brown, it is easier to match. If you have painted the door to match the house trim, that would be even better. Even though this color is more difficult, it isn’t impossible. We found Rustoleum Gloss Leather Brown that worked out perfectly.
    Faux Wood Leather Brown CHI Accent Faux Wood Dark Oak
  3. Paint each of the screw covers with a small paintbrush. We gave them a wood grain texture by leaving some of the black visible.
  4. Remove the existing hardware from the door.
  5. Trim the holes down a bit with the tip of a drill. We did this so the screw head covers would lay flush with the face of the door.
  6. Apply some 2 part apoxy to the back to make sure they won’t come out. Then shove them in the holes.
  7. Admire your garage door.
    Before After Decorative Hardware

Insulation Does Make a Difference

Most new homes today come with your typical builder’s grade garage door. Builders usually are not going to spend the extra money to give you a better product. It’s about the bottom line.

An easy way to improve your garage door is to insulate it. It is a simple process that will improve the look and climate in your garage. Polystyrene insulation will make the garage door more quiet as well.

There are two options when you make the decision to insulate your door. You can get an insulation kit from Home Depot, or you can call a garage door service company. The kits from Home Depot usually run around $90 for a single car garage (8’X7′). If you have a two car garage door you would need two kits.

A garage door service company will probably be around $300 for a two car garage door but will leave it looking much nicer and more professional than a store bought kit.

The process is fairly simple. The required tools are a square, razor knife, tape measure, and a pair of snips.

Insulation cut down

Our insulation kits come in sheets of 8’x21″x2″. We measure all of the voids to be filled in the door. We then cut the insulation and pop it in the door.

Insulation cutting to fit door


Then pieces are cut a little larger so they are very tight in the door. We then have some trim pieces to cover up the cut edges of the insulation.

Voilà one insulated garage door.

Insulation finished

The process usually takes about an hour. It is a definite improvement to your garage door. It looks better on the inside of your and will keep the heat and cold out making your garage a more pleasant environment all around.

Got Grease?

It is always a good idea to keep your garage door and opener lubricated. However, the Genie garage door opener carriage in the picture shows what happens when you apply too much grease.

Opener Grease.jpg

You should use a light spray lube on the hinges and rollers of your door. Your local hardware store will have a spray formulated for garage doors. While you are in the lubricant department at the hardware store grab some low temperature grease for your opener rail.

You should lube your garage door rollers, springs, hinges, and tracks about three or four times a year with spray lubricant. The rail on the opener should only be lubed once a year with the low temperature grease.  Over application is messy and the stuff stains whatever it comes into contact with.

That should keep your door running quiet. If you find your door needs a lot of lubricating throughout the year you may need to have it tuned up. If you are in the Fort Worth area give us a call for a free estimate.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair


Looks like it’s time for a tune up. Not really, this garage door is done. It will have to be replaced.

This customer should have called months ago, instead of procrastinating.  This is what can happen.  If you don’t do periodic maintenance, your door will fail. It may take years to do so but it will. As we all know, nothing lasts forever.

If you know how to do the maintenance yourself, it should be done once a year. Maintenance is key.  If you hear the door making unusually loud noises, you should not ignore it. Fix it yourself or call a garage door company out to repair it.

Don’t wait until it breaks at 10 pm on a Friday night.  Service your door once a year.  For you the consumer this definitely is the most economical route.  A little time and money for a tune up will save you big in the long run.

Replacing Glass in Garage Door Window

There are two different types of window frames for garage door windows. One type is a screw together design and the other is a snap together design.

The screw together windows are usually easy to deal with when replacing broken glass. Simply remove the screws from the inside of the frame and the inside portion of the frame comes off and the glass sandwiched between it and the front portion. You will need someone to hold the outside portion of the frame from falling out when you’re working on the inside. Just pop in a new piece of glass and you are done.

The other type is a snap together design. It’s pretty obvious because there aren’t any screws on the inside of the frame. This is a little more difficult for glass repairs.

You will need to take the window section off of the door and lay it flat on the garage floor or any other perfectly flat surface. You need to lay some cardboard flat on the floor to cushion from the concrete.

replace garage door glass

Take a razor knife and cut the back portion of the frame off. Each side of the square piece is separate so you will have to cut off all four sides.Cut window frame
After you get those off and take the broken glass out you should probably replace the front portion of the frame. The back portion will need to be replaced because it was cut.
Install a new piece of glass while the section is still on the floor. The new frame will snap together. This is pretty tricky because you have to use a hammer to snap the four pieces onto the back to lock them and the glass in place.Tap frame in
It’s hard not to hit and crack the new glass. Get a couple extra pieces of glass just in case.  After you get them installed you can put the section back on the door. Done deal.


Jamb Seal or Vinyl Trim

Whatever you want to call it. In a nut shell it is vinyl trim that you install around your garage door to seal up the edges.

A properly installed garage door has plenty of room or play around its edges. This is necessary for the door to operate properly. While this is great for the operation of the door it leaves gaps that air and light get through.

Some homes have regular wood trim around the garage door. The wood trim definitely helps but this vinyl jamb seal will completely seal up the edges.

You can pick up this trim at your local hardware store. It is easy to install yourself.  Simply remove your old wood trim from the sides and the top of the garage door opening with a pry bar and a hammer.remove jamb seal

Measure for the new piece and cut it. You can cut it with a saw or a razor knife. Attach it with small finish nails. You can use an air operated nail gun if you have one. Do this for both sides and the top. Don’t install it too close to the face of the door. You want to leave enough room for the door to slide freely up and down. The little flap on the trim should lightly rest on the face of the door when its down and this creates a nice seal.jamb seal installed

You will be surprised of how much warmer this will make your garage in the winter. Hope this helps.