To Replace or Not to Replace?

That is the question.

We had a customer that called us to replace his garage door and opener. I went out to give him an estimate. I noticed that his 50 plus year old one piece door and Montgomery Ward screw drive opener still operated smoothly and flawlessly. He told me although it worked, the one piece door wouldn’t go up high enough for him to pull his suburban in.

We installed a new garage door and opener so he could pull his car in. There was a better reason to replace the door and opener though. The old door and opener had none of the current safety mechanisms that are required by federal law. The old remotes were the size of a shoe box so that was nice to get some modern and safe equipment.

Sometimes operational equipment needs to be replaced for safety reasons. What is the oldest door or opener you have come across?

Garage Door Sensor Alignment

Garage door sensors account for about one third of our calls.  The call usually starts with, “Hello, my garage won’t go all the way down.”  You can usually press and hold the wall button to close the door all the way.  You can also pull the emergency release cord to close it manually.  Or, you can adjust the sensors.

The sensors should be about 5″ off of the garage floor on both sides of your door.  They may be attached to the tracks or to the wall just outside the tracks.  They usually have led lights on them.  Most of the time you should have one solid light on one sensor.  The other sensor will only light up if it’s getting a signal from the lit one.  Your garage door won’t go down unless the sensors are aligned properly.

It’s easy to align your sensors.  You start by closing the door as it’s easier to see the lights on them.. Make sure that they are about the same distance from the floor.  Look to make sure that they are pointing at each other.  Imagine a beam coming out of the front of the sensor and aim it at the other.  Do this for both sensors.  Pay attention to the lights on the sensors while you are adjusting.  The object of the game is to have both sensors lit up solid.

With a little adjustment, you should be back up and running.  However, if you just can’t get them set then you may have a bad sensor or wiring problem.  Give me a call and I will come out and take a look.  Estimates are always free.