Garage Door Rollers

Rollers can make all the difference in the way your door operates.  Usually a new garage door is installed when the home is built.  Typically a new garage door will come with inexpensive rollers. However, if you have replaced your garage door, chances are you have better quality rollers.

There will be between ten and twelve rollers on a residential garage door.  They are located on each side of your door in the tracking.  Do a visual inspection to check their condition.  If they look old and worn you should have them replaced.  Old, worn, broken rollers can cause problems with your garage door and garage door opener.  Just like bad tires on your car, new rollers will make all the difference in the way your door rolls up and down.

There are a few different types of rollers.  We have found that the nylon coated, steel ball bearing rollers are very quiet and long lasting.  You shouldn’t replace your own rollers unless you know what you are doing.  Some of the fixtures that hold these rollers are under extreme tension and can cause injury or even death.  Most garage door companies are reasonably priced on roller replacement.  Find a company that gives free estimates and make an appointment.

Lots of Windows

A customer wanted a unique look for his backyard shop.  He chose to have three rows of glass installed in his garage door.  It is a 10×8 steel, sectional door with 15 windows.  It gives him lots of light and an eye catching door.  3 Rows of Windows

Another customer is a talented glass artist who needed her garage to allow more natural light in.  We showed her the picture of the 10×8 shop.  She decided to have two rows of glass installed in her garage door.  She has a 10×7, so there are 4 sections, instead of 5.
Both customers have unique garage doors to fit their needs.  

There are many ways to customize garage doors.  Would either door fit your needs?  


Garage Door Problems?

Be careful when making repairs on your garage door.  This picture is a good example of what you don’t want to happen.

The two car garage pictured had fallen out of its tracks.  A rake handle fell into the door tracks and the home owner shut the door. The garage door opener reversed but a cable from the spring mechanism came off. This is usually an easy fix for someone who is trained to do the work.  However, this homeowner decided to fix it himself.  He is lucky that he wasn’t hurt.  He called us and this what I saw when I pulled up. I was able to save the door with a few new parts.

Don’t work on your garage door unless you are sure that you know exactly what you are doing. The spring mechanism and all its parts are under extreme tension. Adjusting or removing any of these parts can result in injury or death.

Get an estimate.  You may be surprised at the cost.  It is also always a good idea to keep  tool handles away from the garage door tracks as well.

Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware is inexpensive and adds an elegant look to your garage door.  You can pick up a set from your local hardware store.  Or, you can call a garage door repair company if you want it brought out and installed.

Adding the carriage house hardware will change the look of your garage door.  The door pictured is a standard 16×7 sandstone short panel.  This hardware would normally go on a carriage door, but the customer requested the hardware be installed.  I thought that it looked great and was very inexpensive.

Anyone with any size door can change the look of their door quickly and cheaply.  The down side is that the hardware screws on.  Make sure that you have it placed on the door where you want it before you drill the screw holes.

Another option is you could possibly glue some magnets to the back of the hardware.  If your door is steel they should hold the hardware on.  You can also install two sets of hardware on one big garage door to make it appear as two small doors.

Get creative.  Do something different.  Make your garage door stand out from your neighbors’ doors.

Residential Jackshaft Opener

Finally a residential  jackshaft garage door opener that is totally reliable.  LiftMaster thought of everything when making this opener.  This garage door opener is the top of the line.

Where do I begin?  Let me start with the back lit wall control which has a digital display that rotates time and temperature.  It has a motion sensor that automatically turns on the opener light when you enter the garage at any time.  You can also turn the motion sensor off and use the light manually.

On to the remote control.  The remote that goes in the car has three buttons for operating up to three devices.  The remote buttons are lit for night time operation.  It has a proximity switch that allows the remote to light up when your fingers get near it.  This is a really convenient and cool feature.

This jackshaft garage door opener has a dead bolt that automatically locks and unlocks with every use.  You can visibly see and hear the deadbolt lock when your door shuts all the way.

This garage door opener has all the safety features that the other models have and more.  There are lots of benefits to having this opener such as less wear on the top of your garage door.  This opener doesn’t lift your door from the top so it doesn’t ever bend the top section of your door.  The jackshaft opener mounts directly to the torsion tube.  You have all of that extra headroom because this opener doesn’t hang in the middle of your garage ceiling.  That’s another benefit.

The jackshaft opener is one of the quietest garage door openers I have ever heard.  It has a DC motor so it is super quiet.  It plugs into a regular 120v outlet.  It also has an optional battery backup for when the power goes out.

This is a great opener for your garage as well as for the door in your shop.  It will lift a door that is up to 14′ tall.  If there are obstructions above your door that won’t allow for regular garage door opener installation, this is perfect for those low headroom situations. 

There are a million applications for this opener.  It rates 10 out of 10 on our scale.  We have them in stock and available for installation.  Call us for a price and get yours today.