New Construction

New Construction Garage Door

New construction installation jobs are the best. We really like to install these jobs. There is not any existing equipment to take down.  It’s a clean slate.

Usually a garage door install requires the installer to take down and uninstall all the old garage door equipment. Most of our jobs at Cowtown Doors fall in this category of replacements on existing homes.

We really don’t do a lot of new construction jobs. There are companies that specialise in new construction only. There are a number of reasons why we don’t, but the main reason is we are C.O.D. only. Builders and general contractors usually don’t pay on the job site.

Our new construction jobs are done for do it yourselfers and some custom home builders. The garage in the picture is a back yard work room. The garage door is a 10×8 with three windows in the third section. The homeowner contracted everything out himself and ended up with a really nice shop.

Residential Garage Doors on a Metal Building

Complete 10x8 metal building

You can install commercial or residential garage doors on a metal building. The residential doors are a little cheaper if you are on a budget.

The owner of the building that is pictured went with two 10×8 residential white Windsor model 730 doors. We installed the jamb seal (trim) like normal but used screws instead of nails to attach it to the building. You can see in the picture that it does a good job of sealing up the edges effectively keeping wind and rain out.Jamb seal

The rest of the installation is pretty normal. Self tapping metal screws are used to attach the tracks and back hangers. We prefer this method over welding because you can remove the screws easily to make adjustments later.

Commercial garage doors are a heavier gauge steel and are therfore more durable. I recommend commercial doors for any commercial application over residential garage doors. However, this building pictured is a back yard shop and residential doors are perfect for this situation.

For garage door openers, you can install a regular garage door openers on a building like this. The LiftMaster model 3800 jackshaft opener is really nice on these buildings because you keep the open headroom above the door.  That allows for more storage space which is always a good thing.
Inside metal building 10x8

Cold Weather Garage Door Problems

Garage Door Opener Chain Hanging

There are a lot of garage door problems that occur as a result of colder temperatures. One of the most common cold weather problems we encounter are gear and sprocket kits.

Usually a homeowner will call us and say something like “The chain on my opener is hanging,” or “I can hear my opener working but nothing is moving.” Nine times out of ten this is a faulty gear and sprocket kit.

You can see in the pictures that you have to disassemble the garage door opener to install the new gear kit.  It is a fairly complicated process. You can get a gear kit online from places like Amazon or ebay and install it yourself.  Or you can call a reputable garage door company.

We install a lot of these gear kits.  They usually takes around 40 minutes to install from start to finish. Please note that there could also be underlying issues with the garage door to cause this to happen. These issues usually just need adjustments to correct the problem. We lubricate, adjust and balance the garage door when we replace the gear kit.

A new gear kit is a less expensive option than replacing the garage door opener.  Also, at the end of the day you don’t have to open the door by hand. Literally.
Gear KitGarage Door Gears Up CloseGear Kit