Replacing Glass in Garage Door Window

There are two different types of window frames for garage door windows. One type is a screw together design and the other is a snap together design.

The screw together windows are usually easy to deal with when replacing broken glass. Simply remove the screws from the inside of the frame and the inside portion of the frame comes off and the glass sandwiched between it and the front portion. You will need someone to hold the outside portion of the frame from falling out when you’re working on the inside. Just pop in a new piece of glass and you are done.

The other type is a snap together design. It’s pretty obvious because there aren’t any screws on the inside of the frame. This is a little more difficult for glass repairs.

You will need to take the window section off of the door and lay it flat on the garage floor or any other perfectly flat surface. You need to lay some cardboard flat on the floor to cushion from the concrete.

replace garage door glass

Take a razor knife and cut the back portion of the frame off. Each side of the square piece is separate so you will have to cut off all four sides.Cut window frame
After you get those off and take the broken glass out you should probably replace the front portion of the frame. The back portion will need to be replaced because it was cut.
Install a new piece of glass while the section is still on the floor. The new frame will snap together. This is pretty tricky because you have to use a hammer to snap the four pieces onto the back to lock them and the glass in place.Tap frame in
It’s hard not to hit and crack the new glass. Get a couple extra pieces of glass just in case.  After you get them installed you can put the section back on the door. Done deal.


Jamb Seal or Vinyl Trim

Whatever you want to call it. In a nut shell it is vinyl trim that you install around your garage door to seal up the edges.

A properly installed garage door has plenty of room or play around its edges. This is necessary for the door to operate properly. While this is great for the operation of the door it leaves gaps that air and light get through.

Some homes have regular wood trim around the garage door. The wood trim definitely helps but this vinyl jamb seal will completely seal up the edges.

You can pick up this trim at your local hardware store. It is easy to install yourself.  Simply remove your old wood trim from the sides and the top of the garage door opening with a pry bar and a hammer.remove jamb seal

Measure for the new piece and cut it. You can cut it with a saw or a razor knife. Attach it with small finish nails. You can use an air operated nail gun if you have one. Do this for both sides and the top. Don’t install it too close to the face of the door. You want to leave enough room for the door to slide freely up and down. The little flap on the trim should lightly rest on the face of the door when its down and this creates a nice seal.jamb seal installed

You will be surprised of how much warmer this will make your garage in the winter. Hope this helps.

Liftmaster Belt Drive Openers

Before garage door openers.

Before garage door openers.

This customer needed new garage door openers for his brand new home. He looked around on line to see if he could get a good deal. He also went to the local hardware stores to see what they had.

There are so many different garage door openers to choose from. There are screw drives, chain drives and belt drives.  He checked around and had a good idea of the kind of opener he wanted.

He called us for a quote on installation of the openers if he bought them from the hardware store.  We quoted him on installation of his openers.  We also quoted him on our LiftMaster belt drives that we could bring out.  He was surprised that our belt drive openers were less expensive installed than if we installed his store bought openers.  Our warranty was better and we could save him a trip back to the hardware store.

He went with the LiftMaster model 3280 belt drives which has a lifetime warranty on the belt and motor. We scheduled an appointment and had them installed in around two hours.

These openers are very quiet and reliable. There is a bedroom above this garage so whatever openers went in had to be quiet. He was very happy with the end result. You can’t hear a thing from that bedroom when the openers are operating.

Another happy customer!

After installing belt drive openers.

After installing belt drive openers.


How to Shorten a Chain Drive Opener

Our customer received a Craftsman garage door opener for Christmas and called us out to install it. It looked like a typical install.  So I took the new unit out of the box along with all the parts. I assembled everything on the garage floor and then took down their old Genie.

I lifted the new opener up to install it. This garage has a header or structure support protruding down from the ceiling just behind the door when it’s up.

Garage Door HeaderThe new opener is about 10′ long. The header is 9’6″ from the header above the door. In short this means the opener I just assembled is about 6″ too long to install. It would not fit. I could either take it apart and put it back in the box so they could return it or I could modify the opener to fit.

I already had their old opener down and the new one assembled so I decided to modify the opener. I needed to cut down the opener rail and the drive chain by about 6 1/2″. I cut the rail down 6 1/2″ and then I had to cut the chain down 13″.  I had to cut the chain down double the length that the rail was cut.  The chain is a loop so it had to be cut down the length of the rail that was cut.

Tools used to modify a garage door opener.

If you have to cut any more than 6″ off of the opener it won’t open a 7′ garage door all the way. I had a couple inches to spare.  I then reassembled the opener and installed it.

This install would have been easier if the new opener were a screw drive instead of a chain drive.  In a screw drive there is not a chain to cut or master links to bother with. You simply cut the screw rail down to the desired length and install.

Hope this information and pictures help when dealing with a garage door opener that will not fit.

Garage Door Opener cut down

Modified chain drive garage door opener installed.