Garage Door Spring Life Span

How long should a garage door spring last?  I can tell you that they don’t last as long as they used to. Garage Door SpringThe one in this picture is the original spring that came with the door in 1943. That makes this spring 70 years old. It still works perfectly as does the door.

These days you would be lucky to get 12 years out of a spring. It really is true that they don’t make things as well as they used to.

Springs today are rated in cycles. A cycle being one up then back down. Most of the springs we sell are rated for 10,000 cycles. That usually lasts 7 to 10 years, but in some cases less.

It’s a fact that all springs break. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to be proactive and replace them before they break. It could save you from being late to work some future morning. Try to find a company that offers a lifetime warranty on their springs in case you’re still living in the home when they break again.

There really is no way of telling when they will break. It’s kind of like a light bulb, it will go out when it goes out. Just keep a light coat of oil on them to prevent rust.

Beware of the spring and everything it is attached to. Trying to adjust it or replace it could result in injury or death. You really should only work on or around them if your familiar with how they work.

Double Steel Insulated Garage Door

We have sold quite a few double steel insulated garage doors lately.  The term double steel refers to the layer of steel that covers the insulation on the inside of the door. It is also referred to as a sandwich door.  Essentially the insulation is sandwiched between the two layers of steel. This forms a very sturdy door. The insulation serves its purpose against noise and weather.Inside sandwich door

The door installs just like any other garage door. The inside of the door is a nice white textured steel. Although these doors are substantially heavier than the non insulated doors the weight is compensated for by heavier springs.  The r value is usually somewhere between 10 & 20 depending on the manufacturer.  We install Windsor Model 790, which is a really nice insulated door.

As far as operators, a regular garage door opener is fine for the operation of this door. The operation of the double steel door is quieter. They don’t echo and rattle when going up and down due to their weight.

If you plan on changing out your garage door in the future you should consider replacing it with a double steel garage door.  They usually don’t cost much more than the standard doors.16x7 double steel