Garage Door Tune Up

Regular garage door maintenance is essential to keep your door in working order.  Our garage door tune up consists of lubricating, adjusting and balancing the garage door.  We give both the door and opener a thorough look through to make sure it is working as it should.

Texas Flag 16x7

This wonderful 16×7 garage door belongs to our customer in Haslet, TX.  If you are from Haslet, you have probably noticed his unique door.  Our customer called us out to perform a garage door tune up.  He wanted to make sure his door would continue to function properly.  If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello.


To Replace or Not to Replace?

That is the question.

We had a customer that called us to replace his garage door and opener. I went out to give him an estimate. I noticed that his 50 plus year old one piece door and Montgomery Ward screw drive opener still operated smoothly and flawlessly. He told me although it worked, the one piece door wouldn’t go up high enough for him to pull his suburban in.

We installed a new garage door and opener so he could pull his car in. There was a better reason to replace the door and opener though. The old door and opener had none of the current safety mechanisms that are required by federal law. The old remotes were the size of a shoe box so that was nice to get some modern and safe equipment.

Sometimes operational equipment needs to be replaced for safety reasons. What is the oldest door or opener you have come across?