Lock + Garage Door Opener = Trouble

We got an email from a potential customer this morning for a service call. He said that his son had accidentally locked the garage door from the outside and then went inside and tried to open the door by using the garage door opener. This is a very common mistake.

Most garage doors have some type of locking device. These are installed to secure the garage door if there isn’t a garage door opener. When and if you install a garage door opener on your door you should disable the locking mechanism.

All garage door openers will keep the door locked and secure when it is in the closed position. Any time we install a garage door opener we disable the lock to prevent this from happening.  We disable the lock by screwing the lock rod to the door so it can’t be used unless you take the screw out. Hopefully your opener will always work and you won’t have to use the lock.

It is especially important to disable a lock that is accessible from the outside because it can be locked from the outside without a key. It is usually kids playing outside and messing around with the garage door handle and unknowingly locking the door. Then you come home and hit the button to enter the garage and this happens.

Garage Door Cable Off


We ended up going out to the customer’s house and repairing his garage door.  It was an easy fix, but something that could have been avoided.  Do you have a lock on your door with a garage door opener?  Take a look at your garage door today.

When to Replace a Garage Door

This garage door was installed in 1986. It still operates manually. An opener was never installed. All four windows were broken out and replaced with a plywood insert.  The bottom section was broken apart and mended with a piece of sheetrock.

This door is in really sad shape. It just needs to be replaced. It’s unsafe and not secure as well.  A new garage door would do wonders for the appearance of this house.

We are here giving a quote today and will probably install a new door in the near future.  You can usually get an 8’x7′ metal basic garage door for $400 – $600 installed.  This house was purchased by an investor and the rest of the house is in the same condition as the garage door. They have a lot of work in their future.  A new garage door is a good start.

8x7 wood