When to Replace a Garage Door

This garage door was installed in 1986. It still operates manually. An opener was never installed. All four windows were broken out and replaced with a plywood insert.  The bottom section was broken apart and mended with a piece of sheetrock.

This door is in really sad shape. It just needs to be replaced. It’s unsafe and not secure as well.  A new garage door would do wonders for the appearance of this house.

We are here giving a quote today and will probably install a new door in the near future.  You can usually get an 8’x7′ metal basic garage door for $400 – $600 installed.  This house was purchased by an investor and the rest of the house is in the same condition as the garage door. They have a lot of work in their future.  A new garage door is a good start.

8x7 wood

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