Insulation Does Make a Difference

Most new homes today come with your typical builder’s grade garage door. Builders usually are not going to spend the extra money to give you a better product. It’s about the bottom line.

An easy way to improve your garage door is to insulate it. It is a simple process that will improve the look and climate in your garage. Polystyrene insulation will make the garage door more quiet as well.

There are two options when you make the decision to insulate your door. You can get an insulation kit from Home Depot, or you can call a garage door service company. The kits from Home Depot usually run around $90 for a single car garage (8’X7′). If you have a two car garage door you would need two kits.

A garage door service company will probably be around $300 for a two car garage door but will leave it looking much nicer and more professional than a store bought kit.

The process is fairly simple. The required tools are a square, razor knife, tape measure, and a pair of snips.

Insulation cut down

Our insulation kits come in sheets of 8’x21″x2″. We measure all of the voids to be filled in the door. We then cut the insulation and pop it in the door.

Insulation cutting to fit door


Then pieces are cut a little larger so they are very tight in the door. We then have some trim pieces to cover up the cut edges of the insulation.

VoilĂ  one insulated garage door.

Insulation finished

The process usually takes about an hour. It is a definite improvement to your garage door. It looks better on the inside of your and will keep the heat and cold out making your garage a more pleasant environment all around.

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