Garage Door Tune Up

Regular garage door maintenance is essential to keep your door in working order.  Our garage door tune up consists of lubricating, adjusting and balancing the garage door.  We give both the door and opener a thorough look through to make sure it is working as it should.

Texas Flag 16x7

This wonderful 16×7 garage door belongs to our customer in Haslet, TX.  If you are from Haslet, you have probably noticed his unique door.  Our customer called us out to perform a garage door tune up.  He wanted to make sure his door would continue to function properly.  If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello.


To Replace or Not to Replace?

That is the question.

We had a customer that called us to replace his garage door and opener. I went out to give him an estimate. I noticed that his 50 plus year old one piece door and Montgomery Ward screw drive opener still operated smoothly and flawlessly. He told me although it worked, the one piece door wouldn’t go up high enough for him to pull his suburban in.

We installed a new garage door and opener so he could pull his car in. There was a better reason to replace the door and opener though. The old door and opener had none of the current safety mechanisms that are required by federal law. The old remotes were the size of a shoe box so that was nice to get some modern and safe equipment.

Sometimes operational equipment needs to be replaced for safety reasons. What is the oldest door or opener you have come across?

Cedar Garage Doors

9x7s Cedar Garage Doors
We installed  these beautiful cedar wood garage doors recently. These garage doors are 9×7’s. In the picture, the cedar overlay garage doors are unstained. There are hundreds of different shades of stains to fit your needs.
All wood garage doors need to be treated in some way. You can treat them with a clear coat type protectant, stain it, or paint it. You should re treat wood doors as often or more often than you paint the exterior of your house.  Wood doors will last and look great for many years if cared for properly.
Before and After Cedar 9x7sThis customer replaced their old style wood doors with these cedar carriage garage doors. The difference is amazing.  We were also able to use their existing garage door openers to save some cash. Looks really nice. 


Need a Lift?

We had a customer this week that had a unique situation. He had a two car garage with two single garage doors.  He has three cars.

He came up with a brilliant idea to install a lift on one side of the garage.  That way he could pull one car in the garage, lift it up and pull the other car underneath it.

He ran into a problem after the lift was installed.  He couldn’t lift the car all the way up because of the overhead door.

He called us to get a quote on adding 12″ of high lift. We gave him a quote on the high lift as well as  a Liftmaster 3800. He has to use a jackshaft opener because a traditional trolley type opener won’t work due to the high lift.  He’s better off with the jackshaft opener anyway. It has more bells and whistles and it is much quieter.

He liked the quote so we scheduled it and got it done. What a great set up this is! It’s so quiet and clean looking. He could go ahead and do it to the other door also so it looks uniform on the inside. However, this didn’t change the appearance of the outside at all.

Here is a before and after picture from inside the garage.

Before and After High Lift


Curb Appeal

These before and after pictures show how a new garage door can change your home’s appearance.  It can add a lot to your curb appeal.

Before Carriage Long PanelAfter Carriage Long Panel

This customer ordered their door from the Amarr Oak Summit Collection.  This door is unique because the customer chose a long panel carriage design.  They went with one set of decorative hardware, which is 2 handles and 4 strap hinges.  The windows are long panel with Stockton inserts.  The combination makes the perfect door for their home.Sandstone Carriage Long Panel

A new garage door definitely makes a huge difference. What does your door do for your curb appeal?  It may be time to design the perfect door for your home.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair


Looks like it’s time for a tune up. Not really, this garage door is done. It will have to be replaced.

This customer should have called months ago, instead of procrastinating.  This is what can happen.  If you don’t do periodic maintenance, your door will fail. It may take years to do so but it will. As we all know, nothing lasts forever.

If you know how to do the maintenance yourself, it should be done once a year. Maintenance is key.  If you hear the door making unusually loud noises, you should not ignore it. Fix it yourself or call a garage door company out to repair it.

Don’t wait until it breaks at 10 pm on a Friday night.  Service your door once a year.  For you the consumer this definitely is the most economical route.  A little time and money for a tune up will save you big in the long run.

Garage Door Spring Life Span

How long should a garage door spring last?  I can tell you that they don’t last as long as they used to. Garage Door SpringThe one in this picture is the original spring that came with the door in 1943. That makes this spring 70 years old. It still works perfectly as does the door.

These days you would be lucky to get 12 years out of a spring. It really is true that they don’t make things as well as they used to.

Springs today are rated in cycles. A cycle being one up then back down. Most of the springs we sell are rated for 10,000 cycles. That usually lasts 7 to 10 years, but in some cases less.

It’s a fact that all springs break. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to be proactive and replace them before they break. It could save you from being late to work some future morning. Try to find a company that offers a lifetime warranty on their springs in case you’re still living in the home when they break again.

There really is no way of telling when they will break. It’s kind of like a light bulb, it will go out when it goes out. Just keep a light coat of oil on them to prevent rust.

Beware of the spring and everything it is attached to. Trying to adjust it or replace it could result in injury or death. You really should only work on or around them if your familiar with how they work.

Double Steel Insulated Garage Door

We have sold quite a few double steel insulated garage doors lately.  The term double steel refers to the layer of steel that covers the insulation on the inside of the door. It is also referred to as a sandwich door.  Essentially the insulation is sandwiched between the two layers of steel. This forms a very sturdy door. The insulation serves its purpose against noise and weather.Inside sandwich door

The door installs just like any other garage door. The inside of the door is a nice white textured steel. Although these doors are substantially heavier than the non insulated doors the weight is compensated for by heavier springs.  The r value is usually somewhere between 10 & 20 depending on the manufacturer.  We install Windsor Model 790, which is a really nice insulated door.

As far as operators, a regular garage door opener is fine for the operation of this door. The operation of the double steel door is quieter. They don’t echo and rattle when going up and down due to their weight.

If you plan on changing out your garage door in the future you should consider replacing it with a double steel garage door.  They usually don’t cost much more than the standard doors.16x7 double steel

Replacing Glass in Garage Door Window

There are two different types of window frames for garage door windows. One type is a screw together design and the other is a snap together design.

The screw together windows are usually easy to deal with when replacing broken glass. Simply remove the screws from the inside of the frame and the inside portion of the frame comes off and the glass sandwiched between it and the front portion. You will need someone to hold the outside portion of the frame from falling out when you’re working on the inside. Just pop in a new piece of glass and you are done.

The other type is a snap together design. It’s pretty obvious because there aren’t any screws on the inside of the frame. This is a little more difficult for glass repairs.

You will need to take the window section off of the door and lay it flat on the garage floor or any other perfectly flat surface. You need to lay some cardboard flat on the floor to cushion from the concrete.

replace garage door glass

Take a razor knife and cut the back portion of the frame off. Each side of the square piece is separate so you will have to cut off all four sides.Cut window frame
After you get those off and take the broken glass out you should probably replace the front portion of the frame. The back portion will need to be replaced because it was cut.
Install a new piece of glass while the section is still on the floor. The new frame will snap together. This is pretty tricky because you have to use a hammer to snap the four pieces onto the back to lock them and the glass in place.Tap frame in
It’s hard not to hit and crack the new glass. Get a couple extra pieces of glass just in case.  After you get them installed you can put the section back on the door. Done deal.


Jamb Seal or Vinyl Trim

Whatever you want to call it. In a nut shell it is vinyl trim that you install around your garage door to seal up the edges.

A properly installed garage door has plenty of room or play around its edges. This is necessary for the door to operate properly. While this is great for the operation of the door it leaves gaps that air and light get through.

Some homes have regular wood trim around the garage door. The wood trim definitely helps but this vinyl jamb seal will completely seal up the edges.

You can pick up this trim at your local hardware store. It is easy to install yourself.  Simply remove your old wood trim from the sides and the top of the garage door opening with a pry bar and a hammer.remove jamb seal

Measure for the new piece and cut it. You can cut it with a saw or a razor knife. Attach it with small finish nails. You can use an air operated nail gun if you have one. Do this for both sides and the top. Don’t install it too close to the face of the door. You want to leave enough room for the door to slide freely up and down. The little flap on the trim should lightly rest on the face of the door when its down and this creates a nice seal.jamb seal installed

You will be surprised of how much warmer this will make your garage in the winter. Hope this helps.