Yes, we do replace panels.

Panels on metal garage doors sometimes get bent. It is usually the top or the bottom panel that gets bent.

We can replace bent sections most of the time. There are some manufacturers of doors that you can’t get any more and will not match the rest of the door.

Depending on the manufacturer, the sections will come in three colors almond, sandstone, and brown. The replacement sections soemtimes only come in white.  The door pictured was one of the ones that was only available in white. The homeowner was able to paint it with some paint left over from last time. Voilà.

Usually when you call a company to get a panel replaced the company will need to know the manufacturer of the door and the size. If you can’t find it on the door anywhere then you might take a picture or two of the door and email it to the prospective company. Otherwise it will probably take two trips to complete the job.

In some rare cases when we can’t match up the rest of the door we can just replace all of the panels. In any case we can help.

8x7 panel.jpeg