Removing Decorative Hardware

Have you ever wished you hadn’t put that carriage hardware on your garage door? Maybe you think your door would look better without it or maybe you just want a new look for your garage door.
Faux Wood Decorative Hardware

We ran into a situation with one of our customers. They ordered a beautiful, C.H.I., dark oak, faux wood, accent door. We accidently installed the decorative hardware, 2 handles and 4 strap hinges. They didn’t want the hardware on their door.

Rather than replace the sections, we decided to cover up the holes instead. Our customers were open to see what we could do. If they did not approve, we would have ordered replacement sections.

Here are our steps to removing decorative hardware.

  1. Wander around Home Depot to find a product to cover the hole. We found Everbilt Screw Covers. They come in white, black and almond.
  2. Purchase a paint to match. This particular color is a little more difficult to match. If the door is white, almond, sandstone or brown, it is easier to match. If you have painted the door to match the house trim, that would be even better. Even though this color is more difficult, it isn’t impossible. We found Rustoleum Gloss Leather Brown that worked out perfectly.
    Faux Wood Leather Brown CHI Accent Faux Wood Dark Oak
  3. Paint each of the screw covers with a small paintbrush. We gave them a wood grain texture by leaving some of the black visible.
  4. Remove the existing hardware from the door.
  5. Trim the holes down a bit with the tip of a drill. We did this so the screw head covers would lay flush with the face of the door.
  6. Apply some 2 part apoxy to the back to make sure they won’t come out. Then shove them in the holes.
  7. Admire your garage door.
    Before After Decorative Hardware

Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware is inexpensive and adds an elegant look to your garage door.  You can pick up a set from your local hardware store.  Or, you can call a garage door repair company if you want it brought out and installed.

Adding the carriage house hardware will change the look of your garage door.  The door pictured is a standard 16×7 sandstone short panel.  This hardware would normally go on a carriage door, but the customer requested the hardware be installed.  I thought that it looked great and was very inexpensive.

Anyone with any size door can change the look of their door quickly and cheaply.  The down side is that the hardware screws on.  Make sure that you have it placed on the door where you want it before you drill the screw holes.

Another option is you could possibly glue some magnets to the back of the hardware.  If your door is steel they should hold the hardware on.  You can also install two sets of hardware on one big garage door to make it appear as two small doors.

Get creative.  Do something different.  Make your garage door stand out from your neighbors’ doors.