Garage door remotes not working as well as they used to?

LED bulb interference


Do you have to practically walk into your garage and be right up under the opener for your remotes to work? Was everything running smoothly and now your remotes have stopped working? A surprising reason may be the light bulbs that you have in your garage door opener.


Common LED and CFL light bulbs can emit interference.  This interference can limit the range of garage door opener remotes.


There are solutions for you.


Several companies have light bulbs specifically made for garage door openers. They will not interfere with the signal. You can find these at any hardware store or online.


There are some LED bulbs that do not interfere with the signal. The Chamberlain Group has an informative article concerning this. Click on INFO to be taken directly to The Chamberlain Group’s article on their website. They have a list of LED light bulbs that are approved for use.


Another option is to purchase the old fashioned incandescent bulbs that are non LED.


There are other reasons why your remotes stop working. If you have ruled out the light bulb, let us know. Click HERE to go directly to our contact page. Fill it out and let us know what issue you are having. We will call or email you back with some information. We are always happy to trouble shoot for openers and all other garage door issues.