Lifespan of Torsion Springs

The number one question we are asked is, “How long do springs last?” The lifespan of garage door springs vary depending on several factor. The biggest factor is how often do you use your garage door? How many times do you open and close it each day? Springs are rated in cycles. They are designed for 10,000 cycles, which is around 5-7 years.


The next question we get is, “Is there anything we can do to make them last longer?” Yes, proper care and maintenance can help extend their lifespan. Keep spring(s) lubricated to reduce friction and wear. A silicon based lubricant is recommended. We use Tri-flo Superior Lubricant found at Ace Hardware and online. It is also a good idea to spray your rollers and hinges 1-2 times a year.


Most of the time, you don’t think about your garage door springs until your door doesn’t open. If you pull the emergency release cord and your door still won’t open, your spring is probably broken. Contact us or any garage door professional. We will get you back up and running.