Odd Size Doors

What do you do if you don’t have a standard size opening for your garage door? As always, you have options. We can cut down doors, order special sections or we can get creative. We got a little creative for our customer replacing an older wood door.

wood garage door

The exact measurements were 8′ wide by 7′ 5 5/8″ tall. Most doors are 8×8 or 8×7, so already this is a unique situation. After discussing option with our customer, we decided to go with an 8′ wide by 7’6″ door. The concern was that the squares on the top section would not be visible. After installing the top weather stripping, it was blocking the top squares a bit. This is where creativity comes in hand. Mike was able to install the top weather stripping in a way that would keep the elements out and also show the top squares.

metal 8x8

Our customer got a much needed upgrade to an easier to operate garage door. The door is a non insulated, short panel garage door in white.

After 8x8 (2)

Let us know if you have an odd size garage door. We can help you with all your garage door needs.