Repair or Replace?

Your garage door is damaged. Do you need a new one or can it be repaired? It depends.

Garage Door Repair or Replacement

Most of the time, it looks worse than it is. Sometimes a strut can be added to support the damaged section and extend the life of your garage door. Or an individual section or two can be replaced. First the manufacturer of the sections will need to be determined. Not all sections fit together and not all replacement sections are available.


When replacing a section, you need to keep a few things in mind. The new section may not match the existing sections’ colors. Normal element exposure will cause the existing door to fade over time. If the section is available, a lot of times it is only available in white. An easy solution is to paint all the sections to match each other.


The best thing to do of you shut your door on something or run into it, is to not use it at all. It may look ok, but it may have a slight bend to it that will become worse over time and cause a tear in the metal. Even if there is a tear, you may be able to add a strut to prevent further damage. Cosmetically, it may not be perfect, but you can save some money by repairing versus replacing a section or an entire door.


What about the door in the picture? Unfortunately, sometimes repair is not an option. Replacement is sometimes the only way to go.


We look at each door on a case by case basis. If you have some garage door damage, don’t use your door and give us a call. Estimates are always free. We will be happy to come out and give you options for repair or replacement.