Have Headroom?

Headroom is the amount of room from the top of the garage door opening to the ceiling.

A standard lift garage door requires ten to twelve inches of headroom for installation. Some garages have more headroom than that and you can utilize that space by installing a high lift track system.

The customer here needed the headroom for his automotive lift.

High Lift Double DoorThe doors pictured are Windsor Model 790 18×8 and a 8×8 double steel insulated.

These doors travel up the wall four extra feet before turning back at the ceiling. He can lift a car all the way up with the garage door opened.

High Lift Double Closed

This looks much cleaner and less cluttered than a standard lift door with the long hangers coming down for the tracks.

However, this does create a problem with the garage door opener installation. A normal garage door opener won’t work because of the vertical travel of the garage door.

A jackshaft opener like the LiftMaster Model 8500 is perfect for this application. It will work great on high lift doors or full vertical lift doors.

None of this is standard so you can expect the to pay more than standard prices.

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